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Our mission to be an eco-friendly manufacturer

We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with social enterprise, Ecologi to help combat climate change. We’ve long been advocates of sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing, such as supporting certified organic cosmetics and ethically sourced ingredients. When we saw the great work that Ecologi do, we knew we had found the perfect team to partner with.

Mangrove planting in Madagascar. Photo source: Ecologi

We know that sustainability is important to our customers and are excited to share the progress we’ve made, including our growing forest.

How Ecologi make a difference

Ecologi is dedicated to making a positive impact on climate change. They fund the ‘world’s best climate solutions’. This includes reforestation to benefit future generations, reducing carbon pollution through green energy initiatives, and supporting low-carbon living to make a difference now.

By working with Ecologi, we’re helping support real-world projects. This includes international tree planting projects and actively offsetting our carbon footprint to reduce greenhouse gases.

16,000 trees planted and growing!

eco-friendly manufacturer – trees planted

The trees you’ve helped us fund are slowly but surely taking root. Most of our trees have been planted in the village of Changalane in Mozambique. With 45% of the population living below the poverty line, the villagers’ survival relied upon natural resources. Heavy deforestation has destroyed the local economy, which was based on firewood and charcoal.

Planting trees will help restore the ecosystem and prevent future deforestation by contributing to economic growth. 

Our growing forest comprises:

  • 12,625 dry deciduous trees in Mozambique
  • 3,135 mangrove trees in Madagascar
  • 300 trees in Nicaragua.

Ecologi works with the world-leading Eden Reforestation Project to fund reforestation projects that plant trees where they are needed most. Plus, they empower communities by providing fair-wage employment to local people they hire to grow trees.

Mangrove planting in Madagascar. Photo source: Ecologi

The Eden Project has planted 265 million trees worldwide and funded 2.6 million workdays for local people.

Becoming a climate-positive workforce

We are counteracting our carbon footprint by helping to fund carbon reduction projects through Ecologi. This encompasses our manufacturing team’s entire carbon footprint, including business travel and emissions from daily life, such as home, food, transport, and hobbies. Plus, we are working towards becoming climate positive by offsetting more greenhouses gases than we collectively create.

So far, we have offset nearly 400 tonnes of CO2 and are well on our way to achieving our goal to offset 1,060 tonnes of CO2 over a year. These are some of the eco-friendly projects we have helped fund:

  • Preserving the Mesoamerica Biological Corridor in Guatemala
  • Providing clean energy through hydropower in Uganda
  • Protecting and restoring forests in Papa New Guinea
  • Turning waste biogas into electricity in Thailand
  • Forest protection in northern Zimbabwe
  • Onshore wind energy generation in Taiwan.

Ecologi only supports projects certified to the Gold Standard for Global Goals or equivalent. This ensures that funds are used to support projects designed to have the ‘maximum positive impact on climate and development’.

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