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We formulate products for our clients – not ourselves
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Since 1978, we’ve been partnering with New Zealand businesses to create their skincare and cosmetic lines.

We use the information our R&D team has gathered, or the product formulation given to us by a client, to produce the high-quality and professional products we are known for. 

Working with the  natural and organic raw material suppliers, we check the small (and big) details of every ingredient we use, and each year we are audited for our NATRUE and BioGro certifications.
Fully committed to maintaining sustainable processes in all we do, there’s never a moment when we’re not looking to improve the way we work. By choosing us as your contract cosmetic or skincare manufacturers, we’ll provide you with product both you and your customers will adore forever.
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We hunt out NZ’s best ingredients

As super sleuth ingredient hunters, no stone is left unturned in our quest for the exact ingredients needed for our clients’ product formulations. Not only do we check the quality and sourcing of the ingredients themselves, but also their suppliers and their certifications.

We create unique product formulations

As cosmetic and skincare manufacturers, keeping up with the latest consumer and product trends is vital. To create the bespoke products your brand needs, we need to know what your customers want. Knowing the latest happenings in your industry is key to this, and we do.
Product Formulation
Product Formulation

Product formulations are confidential

Client confidentiality is at the heart of our business. As we create unique products for every client in-house, you can be confident your product secrets are safe with us. As contract cosmetic and skincare manufacturers, we don’t have our own product lines, so have no fear about us competing with you.

We're ready to work with you & make your product dreams a market reality

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