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Aloe Vera Extract

INCI: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract and Glycine Soja Oil

The natural medicinal properties of this plant date back more than 4000 years. The earliest known reference to aloe came from a Sumerian tablet from 2100 BC. Aloe plants have made appearances in the writings of ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Indians, and Chinese.

The uses for Aloe Vera are endless. It has been used since ancient times to soothe the pain of sunburns and burns. Aloe is naturally cooling and has therapeutic properties. Today, it is a common ingredient in balms and lotions to help calm easily irritated and sensitive skin. Aloe's superior ability is to provide long-lasting hydration. Famous for its cooling and calming properties, aloe vera leaf juice helps maintain moisture balance and is beneficial for soothing sensitivity and irritation.

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